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  • Mirror


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Just shoot me in the fucking head next time. Please, tell me this is all just some inside joke where people just pretend to like this.

    Edit: Sleeping off to see if my opinion on the whole thing to change. I'm sorry, but I was struggling to find anything redeeming about this. From my experience, there were a few films which I simply didn't get on my first viewing. The Tree of Life being my first Malick film, Eraserhead being…

  • WandaVision



    I wanted to like this. I truly did. The main reason why I decided to watch this was because it seemed like Marvel was finally doing something different for a change. Apart from the production design and Vision and Agnes being the only characters that weren't absolutely insufferable, I can't seem to find anything of value in here. It either ranges from mediocre to just borderline atrocious.

    The music is generically shit, but that's pretty much a given for Marvel.…