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  • Shortcut to Happiness

    Shortcut to Happiness

    Dear God, what a piece of shit! Badly acted, appallingly scripted, hopelessly directed and hilariously miscast. This will go down as one of the most inept films ever made BUT it is strangely watchable. Not so much for enjoyment, as the plot is ridiculously incoherent. The enjoyment comes from the early 00's detail, the audacity to think that a "film" was being created, and the curious fact that despite the stars, this never got released properly. Watching it therefore becomes something of a guilty pleasure.

    P.S: The opening credits sequence is perhaps the most cack-handed ever conceived

  • I Wake Up Screaming

    I Wake Up Screaming

    One of my new all-time favourite noirs. Strikes the perfect balance between glamorous, lowdown, gloss and intrigue. Also contains a genuinely fascinating mystery at its heart. Loved it!