The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

“There's an idea that hell is other people. My idea is that it might be repetition.” ― Stephen King.

Look, I wasn’t planning on making any reviews for couple of days but holy shit wtf I just watched, this movie blown me away I couldn’t hold my urge to spit some words on it. It’s the one that hyped by many people, and after I’ve seen it I can understand why. The Lighthouse achieved the heights that other couldn’t grasp, it’s gleaming with passion all throughout, it’s masterfully done, and will be celebrated by many people for a long, long time.

No need for plot synopsis, you’d better be jumping in blindly. It just feels downright special from the start, interesting to say the least. Unnerving, unsettling atmosphere built up slowly through many type of fears disguised in subtle undertones; there’s the obviously claustrophobic screen aspect ratio, nyctophobia, a fear of darkness composed by the blocking in a beautiful play of light and shadows, megalophobic inducing sounds of droning foghorn that boomed every 5 minutes, ornitophobic seagulls that only flying above over your head as if it’s demanding a sacrifice, extreme oceanic weather, sense of confined and isolation, and also an awfully bipolar work superior. Everything contributed daily makes it to be the worst job ever, a routine that everyday feels like a doomsday. A spiralling downward journey which each scene is a step descending into full blown insanity, and when the shit hits the crescendo it’s just blowing off the chart.

Think that would it be the most depressing movie you’ll ever experienced than your already depressing life? Thanks to the brilliant, out of the world acting from Sire Willem Dafoe (yes, I’d address him in a noble honorific title from now on) that would make your jaw-dropped and feeling awestruck every time he’s on screen, and counterbalanced it with outrageous, hilarious scenes that wickedly done, you won’t ever be bored. In some scenes they cut it and transitioned abruptly to preserve such energy that you’ll expect will be coming in eventual climax, a climax that’s happened in a very literal way as well.

In the end of your first viewing you’ll be scratching your head because you feel you kinda get it but unfortunately it’s not math where the conclusion is absolute, it demands multi-interpretation from the audience, it demands more time of your rewatches. I could appreciate this more as an art cloaked in traditional 3 acts structure of a movie, small thanks to a pinch of knowledge that I got from art school. The movie got me hooked and now I’m craving for another rewatch. Anyway I watched this in Netflix South Korea, stop reading and go see it right now.

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