Tenet ★★½

Super ambitious and original concept should be applauded; Great set pieces and stunts; Great locations (but they are all reused in the 2nd half so they're not that commendable; praised purely on the phenomenal set pieces and action

Boring 1-dimensional characters are impossible to root for as they have no personality and aren't relatable; The breakneck speed of the film, jumping from location to location, doesn't allow for the characters to grow and become anymore than vehicles served to carry the plot device through; Excessive amount of exposition goes against the golden rule of 'Show it don't say it', but worst of all is that the exposition needed to understand what is happening is delivered with constant bass and drums, through explosions, gunfights, masks and walkie talkies. For a film which prides itself so much on being made for IMAX, they should have sorted out the sound mixing so the excessive exposition is at least audible; Odd editing; Some eyeroll / Cringey dialogue; Spectacularly failed the Bechdel test; Creating tension solely by increasing the volume of the music is at best cheap and at worst ineffective.

Nolan on acid.

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