Tenet ★★★★★

A Rainy Night in Tallinn has got to be one of the best openings to a film. Fully immerses you in the savvy, secretive, cold world of Tenet and its immersive and reality-altering physics, whilst not feeling unfamiliar by sitting us in the driving seat through The Protagonist’s perspective of this world he is slowly but newly being introduced and immersed into. It’s visceral, it surely lives up to its director, its long-awaited hype and its blockbuster status. Nolan has always been sure of his films and his talent in filmmaking but Tenet feels like him at his most confident in executing his vision as the film he built in his mind over two decades. And it’s wholly surreal to see it come to life on the big screen - let alone last year when I saw it on the IMAX screen. It is the perfect way for Nolan to culminate his obsession with time and reshaping reality, as well as one of his best openings (and films to date). Tenet is Nolan’s insane, magisterial passion-project come to life, and it’s a work of infinite awe, beauty and exhilaration.

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