Sabrina ★★★★½

What an absolute delight this was! Billy Wilder is simply one of the greatest director-writer’s ever; his record is impeccably immaculate and his films truly splendid. When you get a director as influential and magisterial as Wilder and pair him with some of the greatest actors of his time like Hepburn and Bogart, what you get is a work that rides a fine line between dramatic and comedic, whilst sitting on a fence of magical romanticism. Hepburn always amazes me in every role and once again her pure-hearted performance just stole the show, alongside the adoringly stoic Bogart. They’re both so perfect together, but even individually as themselves and as actors. Wilder’s hit home run again.

*You’ve gotta love Billy Wilder’s self-referential The Seven Year Itch reference in the film*

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