Cinema Paradiso

Cinema Paradiso ★★★★

The beauty of cinema, in all it’s celluloid, in all its emotion, in all it’s magic; the transcendent glow of a moving picture on the big screen. CINEMA PARADISO breathes a love and passion for cinema; the art form as an evocation of life.

The articulated human and poetic beauty, tangibility and escapism of cinema is the true gem of this film. Films about filmmaking or rather about cinema in general - this one about cinemas and theatre experiences - are always quite beautiful in how they divide their pure and passionate dedication to the craft among the minutes of their film, but this one entirely feels like an ode to filmmaking and the gleeful and immersive theatre experience through its entirety - a vivid, cheerful, delightful, splendid love letter to films and cinema experiences.

What results out of a film brimming with such clear passion, love, dedication, and admiration for films, theatres, cinematic experiences and the love and passion for filmmaking, is a fully delightful tale of how cinema connects the furthest of souls closely, hinging life’s open doors to form paths of endearment and joy, dotting together lives through the communal love for and experience of films. A cheery, bright, joyous, uplifting story of celluloid and soul coming together to form bonds beyond the screen; sweet, familial bonds that are made and crafted from moving pictures on a screen.

And perhaps that’s the beauty of cinema.