Romance Doll

Romance Doll ★★★½

"Mistakes can be made as we're human."

If you can get past the breast obsession of the first act and the objectification of women's bodies present in this film, it is also a mature and refreshing romantic drama and cheerful artisan passion project with sex doll making described in technical detail throughout. I enjoyed watching some of this more than I thought I would for the respectful and healthy relationship and upbeat mood. I could probably leave a lot of the creepier elements behind though. In the end, the harmful gender roles come full circle and it kind of burst my sweet, admirable relationship bubble. Issey Takahashi does an impressive job of immersing in his role and feeling along with his character. Yū Aoi's acting was at its best in nuanced moments when the two characters navigated their marriage. It's just such a confusing film in terms of genre. Thanks to Maria for getting me to watch it since I probably would have passed it over and I did enjoy the acting performances and lovely moments of relationship honesty and affection.

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