Low Life

Low Life ★★★

Kim Gyu-ri, if you're reading this, I am free on Thursday night. If you would like to hang out, I am free on Thursday night when I am free to hang out. I am free to hang out on Thursday night: so if you want to hang out on Thursday night, I am free.

Jokes aside, I loved how this effortlessly blended dramatic political changes sprawled across time with the gangster/money-chasing themes and the daftness of the main fuccboi character; seamlessly done. Kim Gyu-ri stole the show, though, and brought much-needed femininity to this patriarchy-heavy affair. And those goldfish deserved better. There were moments of sincerity throughout, such as when he tended to his friend who wound up alone in the hospital, which I enjoyed. Please forgive me for my current brain fog, Maria & SupremeLemon: I have not had the best day.

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