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  • Let the Sunshine In

    Let the Sunshine In


    As a straight, non-middle-aged guy I feel very unqualified to review a movie that's so specifically about a middle-aged woman's attractions and disattractions to middle-aged men. Nevertheless, the only parts of this that did much for me were the cheap jokes about gluten-free olives and the delightful performance by the actor playing Matthieu (the awkward guy with side whiskers Binoche keeps running into at the fishmonger's). His speech patterns and affectations were so reminiscent of Jacques Jouanneau's in Franju's Judex…

  • Isle of Dogs

    Isle of Dogs

    Most racist movie I've seen since THE BLIND SIDE, though to be fair, there are probably plenty of far more racist movies that I just haven't seen and THE BLIND SIDE is probably fifty times more racist.

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  • Manchester by the Sea

    Manchester by the Sea

    everything about this movie is the worst (the writing the acting the music the accents), but visually I felt as if it were shot by eight overstimulated children with camcorders who had no idea what they were filming and liked to play with the zoom buttons on their camcorders and then edited together by a ninth child who was even more clueless and incompetent and hopped up on sugar than his eight friends

    also, basement business means i'm wouhhkinn on it

  • Canyon Passage

    Canyon Passage

    A masterpiece which I am unequal to discuss. It's fun to discover that the movie's tagline was "Every Exciting Character! Every Dangerous Moment . . . in Technicolor" when the movie really has no exciting characters, no dangerous moments, and is shot in Technicolor so muted it looks like Ansco Color (and is great in large part for those reasons)