BlacKkKlansman ★★★★½

I had to wait to write this review until I had grasped all my thoughts on Spike Lee's latest film.

Blackkklansman is one of the most bonkers, surreal and horrifying movies I've ever seen, and I loved every single second of it.

When this movie started, I knew we were in for quite the ride. I haven't seen a Spike Lee film until now and I wanna check out more of his filmography, because this film showed me that his style is something to behold.

I love the way Lee captured the 70's here, and his direction is always so smooth and crisp. This film feels like it has a certain vibe to it the entire time.

The film deals with very heavy and politically charged themes, and going into it I was afraid the film could be very sour and hard to watch for the most part. However, while a lot of what the KKK in this film is saying is obviously disgusting and abysmal, Spike Lee finds the perfect tone for this film. He treats the KKK as a giant joke, because they are one. He takes the KKK and doesn't take them seriously, because these people should be considered just absolute morons. He doesn't demise the terrible actions and the repercussions for their toxic behavior, but, we have to spend so much time getting to know the KKK it was a good idea to make them bumbling fools, and it's not far off from history I'm sure.

This film has a lot of laughs. I laughed during this movie then I do most comedies currently. There's some pretty biting satirical humor at times and Spike Lee handled it so well. If this entire concept has handled by a less capable filmmaker, we could have had a dumpster fire and an offensive one at that, but, man they knocked this one out of the park.

I honestly believe John David Washington gives one of the best performances of the year so far. His leading role here oozes charisma and I really loved his character. I loved that he called everyone out for their unequal treatment to anyone belonging to a group. (aside from lets say Nazis, KKK and Westburro Baptsit church, but that's a whole other review). I thought that was such an interesting idea, and it shows a complete understanding of the trouble of saying any particular group is all bad. That is such a strong theme through this movie and I think it's one we still need to remember to this day.

This film works as an expansive epic. I understand this is based off a true story, but, this film felt like it had the same type of worldbuilding you can find in the MCU. It's action packed, funny and it moves so well. Yet, when you have to hit the dramatic beats and the beats that obviously have a lot of weight behind them, it deals with that all so well. At the end of this almost 2 and a half hour movie, I was kinda sad it was wrapping up because I liked these characters and wanted to see more of them and how their lives are going. That is the sign of a film that fundamentally works in every single aspect.

Then, the end credits hit and my jaw hit the floor, and I was shook. I realized that what I knew was exactly right, Spike Lee knows what he is doing. This is a very politically charged film, and what happens at the very end of the film was at the back of my head the entire time. Is America growing since the era of the 1970's? I'd like to think so, but, that doesn't mean that we are still in a good spot when it comes to our race relations. Seeing the way things like Charlottesville happened, and then Americas (cough our president cough) reaction to it is absolutely terrifying. It shook me, I went into my car and it felt like a train had hit me.

This could be an awakening to several people including myself. While race relations have improved since the 70's, there's still a lot of work to do, and unfortunately there's a lot of people in our way in making America a place for equal treatment at all.

When I went home, I wasn't quite sure what to write yet. I knew I had to have this film digest. I kid you not, this film got so into my head that I had dreams about it all last night. Not only the strong political themes stuck with me, but, the world and these characters I can't forget about. I feel like this was a true event movie, it really stuck with me.

Black liberation ftw.

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