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  • Faces



    The Season 1 Finale of Arthouse Drive-In is out now on Split Tooth Media, about John Cassavetes 'Faces.' It is an emotionally raw, brutally honest, complex portrait of communication that epitomizes Cassavetes' fascinating directing style.

    Check it out here: www.splittoothmedia.com/arthouse-drive-in-10-faces/

    We began by discussing some of Cassavetes' history: from his extensive acting career in Hollywood, his cantankerous relationship with the establishment, to his almost mythical status as the spirit of American independent filmmaking. We then dove into the history behind…

  • Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One

    Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One

    Episode 9 of Arthouse Drive-In is out now on Split Tooth Media, diving into 'Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One.' Listen in as we unpack one of the most fascinating films about filmmaking ever made.

    Check it out here: www.splittoothmedia.com/arthouse-drive-in-9-symbiopsychotaxiplasm/

    We discuss how William Greaves was a true pioneer. He became one of the most prolific documentarians of all time, while breaking through the racial barriers in the film industry. He was outraged at how the American educational system ignored African American history.…

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  • The Rules of the Game

    The Rules of the Game


    Episode 3 of Arthouse Drive-In is out now on Split Tooth Media, exploring Jean Renoir's classic film, The Rules of the Game!

    Check it out here: www.splittoothmedia.com/arthouse-drive-in-rules-of-the-game/

    Robert explains the pros and cons of auteur theory, and how the film was incredibly controversial in France upon its release. T does his best to traverse the societal minefield of aristocratic affairs that dot the landscape of this film and attempts to present a comprehensive synopsis without spoiling an almost century old…

  • La Jetée

    La Jetée


    We are so excited to share the first episode of our new podcast, Arthouse Drive-In! We decided to kick things off with one of Robert's favorite films, 'La Jetée' by Chris Marker. We discuss the multifaceted genius of the still image film, unpack how a choir stretching to full volume embodies the destruction of the world, question why science fiction novels and their film adaptations vary so greatly, and celebrate this timeless classic of Avant Garde cinema.

    You can listen to the episode here: www.splittoothmedia.com/arthouse-drive-in-la-jetee/

    Check in next week when we discuss the troubled history of animator Richard Williams' 'The Thief and the Cobbler!'