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  • The Family Man

    The Family Man


    This is truly the best series in India ever. Even way more better than Mirzapur and Sacred Games. Raj and DK possibly the most underappreciated duos in Indian cinema ever produced and when they passionately want to make this series, you can literally see how passionate they're to make this project and to impress us. I can't forget the hospital episode in Season 1 how well shot and well executed it is. They know how to execute action scenes and…

  • Bo Burnham: Inside

    Bo Burnham: Inside


    Damn, never thought any comedy special that felt so connected and tragic. I always never wanted to rate any comedy special/short films but I just want to rate this one because how honest, painful and scary it was. This is truly special moment because how insane Bo Burnham knocked it out of the park with his insane songs and his lyrics. I can't really think of any bad songs because every songs are so relevant and useful as well. Truly an incredible stuff from Bo Burnham and really want to thank him for doing this for us.

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  • Kala



    I know this is gonna be so good while watching the trailer and it did. Rohith V.S is one heck of a talented experimental director in Malayalam cinema. From Omanakuttan which I thought was okay to Iblis which I thought was though provoking underrated film to this an action blood gory fun realistic film. He's a crazy talented director and one that I'm looking forward to. From the technical standpoint, it is flawless in my opinion and I have never…

  • Mr. Robot: Decoded

    Mr. Robot: Decoded


    Oh well, didn't know Mr. Robot was there in letterboxd but they will remove it immediately. I'm gonna say this is the best TV show I've ever seen in a very long time. If you want me to tell that which is my favorite season, season 4 all the way the best season ever. Like I love S01-S03 but you can't deny that S04 is totally the best season ever in T.V history. Rami Malek is born to play Elliot…