I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot ★★½

Meh, I didn't care too much. The newest popular Netflix release has been a hit for some people I know but it's a no for me. While stylistic and boasting a magnetic Rosamund Pike performance, I Care a Lot was painfully boring to sit through, and while the film itself makes it quite clear that there is nobody to root for, I didn't imagine how much it cost my viewing experience. Not great but not bad-bad though; It's honestly okay.

An overt jab on capitalism and legal manipulation, I Care a Lot has a promising plot and set of characters. Dirty businesses and Russian mafias are to be expected. But really, could you care at all for these corrupt people? Rich predators going after other rich predators at the expense of the lowly and, in the movie's case, the elderly is a real-world issue that needs attention. However, I Care a Lot's presentation of its characters make it hard for the viewer to connect or empathize with its central figures. Heck, even their victims. Again, this is intentional on the film's part as evidenced by the ending and overall, it hurt my engagement with what was going on.

To be fair, the second half got interesting real quick with the introduction of a legitimate rival company but it turned out those guys were unlikable as well. When a film doesn't make me side with anyone, I don't bother to follow most of it. There were good moments of action and cinematic tension but I didn't see myself excitedly waiting for what was happening next. Those two hours were some of the longest two hours I've been in in a long time.
Quite predictable in its story direction as well. I also felt the same-sex relationship going between Pike and González's characters was also contrived to keep up with the times without doing much of anything.

Rosamund Pike was robbed of an Oscar for Gone Girl (which I still haven't seen) and clearly this was an attempt to bring back the Amy Dunne character and showcase her acting talents. Pike delivers an effortlessly cool girlboss performance as shady legal guardian Marla Grayson. Glad she got her Golden Globe. Eiza González did well, I loved Peter Dinklage and Dianne Wiest, and Chris Messina gets the most out of his role.

Stylistically, I Care a Lot is very contemporary and does its best to be hip. Music choices and wardrobe drip go together well. I liked all the outfits in this one, by the way. J Blakeson's writing and direction does good enough to make his project work for some.

Well I'm glad that was over. The reception has been pretty split but I'm definitely one of the people who don't like this but don't think the movie completely sucked. I like the poster though.
Shame the movies this year aren't as good as last year; I'm losing hope in 2021 cinema... release the bangers already!
Anyway, thanks for reading and stay safe, everyone. Take care!

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