Only Lovers Left Alive ★★★★½

You can't say something is "effortlessly cool" when it comes to the daunting act of crafting a film - even when Jarmusch really is so consistently and recurringly cool. Instead I'll say it's undeniable. All the cool gear, the unbelievable soundtrack, the lovely shot composition, the setting, the irresistible cast. Jarmusch is an alchemist: he assembles the parts, and then he lets them riproar. Fascinating concept, super clever, to posit the vampires as disappointed in the state of humanity.

I'm a big believer that Detroit is an awesome city, too, so this film's extended sequence where the two vampires drive around and sightsee was all the way up my alley and really pushed it over the top. The idea of it as a dormant "great city," especially in the context of American history, is a really nice way to connect with vampirism -- will it rise again? (Yes)

On the subject of my little mini-Jarmusch festival I've been doing, his self/meta/interconnectedness shows itself again, too. There's the gang of recurring actors actually on the screen (fewer than usual, but still you see Tilda Swinton and John Hurt both in their second JJ film), and talk of Jack White and Nikola Tesla (connected in Coffee & Cigarettes).

The style master strikes again.

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