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  • Moonrise Kingdom

    Moonrise Kingdom


    Is my favorite film of all time losing it's hold on me?

    If it is, I have no idea how to deal with that. I got home from my screening of Moonrise Kingdom (I saw it in a theater for the first time in 5 years) and just broke down into full ugly tears. I can't accept that my tastes may be changing, I can't accept that I'm changing, I just want to be a kid.

    Growing up. How does…

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  • Back to the Future Part II

    Back to the Future Part II


    Martin Scorsese ripped this off in “Casino”

  • Dick Johnson Is Dead

    Dick Johnson Is Dead


    the last 40 minutes of this go astoundingly hard, made me forget some of the American centric aesthetic choices I wasn’t a huge fan of. memory loss is truly horrifying stuff and I’ve lost people to that, dick Johnson is a hero for smiling during all that. It’s impossible to prepare for, it’s impossible to comprehend it, and all the numbing you can try to do can’t really numb you. I haven’t even fully processed that Jeff Bridges has cancer!…

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  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive


    This is La La Land’s evil twin

  • Onward



    Dungeons and Daddy Issues