Tenet ★★★★

After walking back from the theater and discussing the film, I'm pretty sure I understood most of what happened in Tenet*, but it will take me a second watch to really know how I feel about everything. What can I say right now though? Elizabeth Debicki is on fire, as are John David Washington and Robert Pattinson (surprise). Ludwig Göransson's score is perfect and didn't overshadow the dialogue at all imo, which seems to be a common complaint. Some scenes are definitely way too complicated at first, and can take the enjoyment out of your viewing for a moment. A second watch will probably prevent that from happening again, so I'm glad I'll be watching it again tomorrow. There are still some dots I have to connect, and Tenet is obviously more complicated than it should be. I loved it though, and I can also totally understand why people don't. Is it worth watching in theatres in the middle of a pandemic? That's a question I definitely don't know the anwser to.

*I take this back, I'm confused again.

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