The Virgin Suicides

The Virgin Suicides ★★★★★

the sensual dreams and half baked memories of innocence and beauty overwhelm, the heightened state of trauma and adolescence creating a unique and poetic state of existence which these girls will always be a part of it, slowly changing as the memories begin to morph and eventually fade, until there is nothing left but spectres. 
lots to say about this and i'm both too tired and not talented enough to fully explore the true beauty and empathy that this film provides but since rewatching it a few hours ago, i've been obsessing over how it handles memory and someone's perceptions of lives they never really knew. the lisbon sisters will forever be young while the boys across the neighbourhood keep getting older, more time has passed between these events and the time the narrator is reflecting from than any of the sisters ever lived. these memories are incomplete, likely exaggerated by a bunch of horny teenagers' skewed recollections and the idea that they knew these girls, that they loved them when really all they really got was the surface, the idea. they mythologise these girls for so long, aching away over what exactly happened and why, while believing that they were more than human. the beauty of this film is how it shows the girls' humanity, as more than just the myth, more than just cautionary tales. we see their pain, their aches, their ups and downs, their joy, their playful exuberance and moments of bliss. the dance is probably the most important sequence aside from the climax, this setting is a place where kids get to feel older, the transition between childhood and adulthood, the dawn of a new age. but this is the beginning and the end for the lisbons, they'll never see anything quite like this again, they'll never be the people everyone hoped they could be. they are forever trapped in moments like these, through the memories of others, through the guilt stained recollections of middle aged men and the ethereal space they left behind. this is a story of tragedy, their fates are inevitable, the past cannot be changed. but the myth deconstructs, and all the blemishes, moments of everyday amusement and awkwardness, the moments of true love and passion and their humanity is revealed to us all. no one will ever understand why exactly these sisters did what they did, so why focus on what they became and instead focus on who they were and who they'll always be.

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