Heat ★★★★★

Watched this masterpiece for the first time in years with my girl. She had never seen it and she owned a copy so we had to watch it. I hyped it up for her by saying it's directed by Michael fucking Mann, an incredible filmmaker and was about bank heists. We put in on and got a bit distracted just spending time with each other. I didn't pay as much attention to it as I would have liked and both of us said that we'd have to watch it again, but from what I payed attention to, yeah it's perfect. The gigantic heist scene is obviously masterful as Mann is one of the best ever directors of action. DeNiro and Pacino are revelatory here as always, both of them giving two of their finest performances. The final scene is one of the greatest in film history and I'd be lying if I said the tears didn't flow down my face. This was the last film I saw before my birthday which is technically now in my time zone. Heat while I love it and will definitely rewatch soon, is not the reason I loved watching it. I got to spend time with my girl and as I was with her, I realised that this was the greatest moment I could imagine. So we just lied there partly watching one of the best films ever made. The last hours of my year couldn't have been better. Also go watch Heat right now. Now I've just got to watch Miami Vice with her.

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