Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★★

personal trauma manifesting into global violence. broken men trying to pick up the pieces of themselves and the world around them after rendering everything to ash. Bruce sees a city and his parents die in a haze of screams, smoke and blood, he grasps onto the images of criminals and flying men as the response to every pain he's felt, every life that was taken away in front of his eyes. he channels his aggression, his untreated trauma into losing the side of him that ever had compassion or intellect. just a fighter, a man beating for the sake of it, the purpose long gone. Clark still has a future, one plagued by the conflict of a side and a world he never knew, and the hatred by the only thing he knows. a scared boy who can't contemplate the force of his abilities, who makes mistakes and doesn't know how to save everyone. Superman is a figure of the Greek gods, someone with power that transcends mortality, but all the best and worst traits of humanity scattered in. he doesn't know how to be the man people need him to be, he doesn't know what he can do but fight. he resorts to the being that his father never wanted him to be, a warrior designed to enact fury and vengeance. these two men have lost their greater purpose, one more so than the other, and due to everything around their pain and their masculine bravado, they can't see anything but death as an ending. then a little moment of humanity shines through, just enough to prevent the trauma and the false image of heroism from making a choice that no god can take back. keep your soul alive, don't do something you can't come back from. unite over something to remember the commonality of the soul. find some love in this world, even just for a second. pain and anger doesn't need to win, violence isn't always the answer. make this fragment of time where connection is all last for as much as you can, and take what you felt into the rest of your life.

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