Tenet ½

Bravo, Nolan!
Give your fans what they deserve.

Lmao. wow... what the hell. This is... embarrassing.

I'm not even mad at him, cos this is such a stupid exercise in nothingness, I'm rather feeling sad for him. Poor guy got found out big time. Please someone tell me Nolan has attained a self-conscious state, fully aware of the airs around him and this as a result is his hugely mounted self-parody. This is one of the most unintentionally hilarious films I've ever seen! Feeling bad for whoever risked their life to sit with fellow strangers in enclosed spaces, for three hours, in an ongoing airborne plague, to see this!

skrrt skrrt

Galaxy brain: achieved
Marriage of TikTok transitions and IMAX cinema: beautiful
Nolan dead wife™ character: NA
The only important w🅱️man character: abused over and over
Miss Debicki's loooong legs: w0w
Branagh's fake Russian accent: *chef's kiss*
Demands for a Black Bond and Nolan directed Bond film: heard & heard
Nolan: saved by the plague, yet got found out big time
Homoerotic undertones: felt
Dialogues: bruh
TEn3T: FoundEd
WW3: stopped
Cinema: saved
My ear drums: RIP

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