Old ½

This was so bad but so god damn funny (unintentionally).

My brain is so broken i do not know where the fuck to start.

ok we'll start with how fucking ugly this thing is. The way that shamamamalaaan uses the camera is awful. So clearly holding onto shots that 'hide' whats going on (i.e when some character 'ages up') even though we already know exactly what the fuck is going on. That's just one example but there are at least 2 or 3 other camera positions/movements used like this for similar purposes, and everything visually is just so insanely repetitive and stupid. the editing was nothing, the sound design was weird and annoying, I don't remember any music besides run of the mill horror shit and thats all I have to say about the 'tech-y' bits.

The acting was impressive. somehow the character literally named "Mid Sized Sedan" was better than everyone else on screen, although I admit, at a certain point, it was almost charming how terrible everyone was.

Writing-wise, I'm convinced shamamamamaaalaan just goes with his first draft every goddamn time and considering I think his directing is basically that of an amateur, it did not make for a compelling watch.

1.8/10 - this is so bad but I laughed so much and the concept has a slight amount of interest. every interesting thing that shamaalamanamanan toyed with here was just inconsequential at best so I do not care.

"the Missouri Breaks"

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