#AFF2021: Beyond Cinema: Arab Filmmaking in Virtual Reality

Join us for a conversation with Samia Khalaf and Mirella Toncheva about Virtual Reality and the future of Arab Cinema. Moderated by AFMI Board member Neamah Hussein.

Samia Khalaf is the director, screen writer and animator of the VR film KTEER TAYYEB, amongst other work. She is a Lebanese/Palestinian multidisciplinary artist living in California. For the past decade, she has worked on projects ranging from a couple of Disney tv series, mobile games and virtual reality apps. Besides art, she's a novice Muay Thai fighter, a foodie, and a chocoholic.

Mirella Toncheva is the storyboard artist behind KTEER TAYYEB. She is a San Francsico based animator that has worked on TV shows such as the Venture Bros, Superjail, Motorcity and China, IL and Mobile Games such as Harry Potter: A Hogwarts Mystery, Futura: A World of Tomorrow, and Family Guy: A Quest for Stuff. She enjoys animating and storyboarding subtle character interactions and illustrating awkward subway encounters. When not animating or painting, Mirella can be found running in the hills!

KTEER TAYYEB is a personal story for Samia. She says: "Growing up and living in multiple countries, I never felt I belonged anywhere, that’s how I started my food adventure. From eating homemade meals, trying out meals cooked by my friends from all over the world, to planning my travels around what foods I want to try next, food has always been my comfort and my adventure." It is available to watch on Occulus as part of the 25th Arab Film Festival!

Add it to your watchlist here: boxd.it/wGDC