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  • The Little Prince and the Eight-Headed Dragon

    The Little Prince and the Eight-Headed Dragon


    One of the early triumphs of Anime movies, this wonderful 60s film has been restored and was released last year in Blu-Ray in Japan and it looks gorgeous. With a very different drawing style than modern Animes (kind of modernist and geometric characters and backgrounds), but sharing the early Toei Animation grandeur of other fantasies of the period (Panda and the Magic Serpent, Horus: Prince of the Sun…), the film was an important landmark in Japanese animation and still holds…

  • Le Silence de la Mer

    Le Silence de la Mer


    The first movie of one of the best and most influential directors of all time and it’s already a wonderful achievement; even more impressive for the restrictions of the budget and a story that mostly happens in a single room with a constant monologue. The power of the storytelling of Melville, both in his adaptation of the famous clandestine novel (release during the Nazi occupation of France) and especially in a very solid, quiet and surprisingly mature direction, makes for…

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  • Of Unknown Origin

    Of Unknown Origin


    This movie was a great surprise. It had flown under my radar in the 80s video store years (even when I remember seeing the cover) and it shouldn’t have, because it’s one of the most effective monster movies of the decade. Stephen King loves this movie and you can easily see why: it looks like one of his stories of a human being against the relentless and scary power of wild nature (think Cujo with a rat, a very big…

  • Doctor X

    Doctor X


    This amazing pre-Code mystery/horror film shows once more the incredible innate talent of Michael Curtiz as a storyteller and his versatility to leave his mark on any genre. This is the first of two horror films that he shot for Warner Bros in the early and now defunct 2-color Technicolor process (the other one being Mystery of the Wax Museum) and the mesmerizing and dreamlike quality of the visuals gives it a lot of appeal. But also, the pre-Code subjects…