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  • The Royal Ballet of Cambodia
  • Almayer's Folly

    Almayer's Folly


    Was unprepared of how much I was taken with this film - the elliptical structure, the dense texture of the jungle, the repeated sounds as fragmentary memory, Aurora Marion's singing and magnetic power, and Chantal's empathy for all the characters, even for the delusional Almayer and his descent into madness. And while I thought I knew Chantal's style, and the dialogue sounded a little too stage-like, this still felt like something of a new direction. Perhaps a misunderstood masterpiece?


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  • The Plastic House

    The Plastic House

    It's very surreal to have my film as an official selection of Visions du Réel film festival in this moment in time. I made this film in isolation, never thinking of its afterlife. In light of the current pandemic, I hope it raises some timely questions - How do you continue to live and work in isolation? What memories do you keep of loved ones when they're not around? As everything has changed so much, it already feels like a nostalgic film to me.

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  • Passing Summer

    Passing Summer


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    About two thirds in the film, a professor tells Valerie her writing is better when there's no style. Readers can understand the subject. And if there is too much style it comes down to a matter of taste.

    There are several self-referential points in this film. When the kid in the movie theatre tells his dad not to fall asleep. Schanelec is aware of how the film will make her audience feel. Her style can work for or against her,…