A Woman After a Killer Butterfly

A Woman After a Killer Butterfly ★★★★

“Without life, everything’s useless.” A not-so-likable student is nearly killed by a suicidal woman at the park & the cops give him her butterfly necklace once they’ve determined he didn’t attempt to murder her. Next, he’s harassed by an old man who wants him to read "The Triumph Of The Will". Our grump assembles a 2000-year-old skeleton that comes to life & proves to him why women are trouble: she’s hungry, she has to pee, she wants a raw human liver & she wants to have sex, of all things. The guy’s buddy gets him a job with a skull-collecting professor. Naturally, he gets mixed up with the prof’s icy daughter, who’s got a matching butterfly necklace & a yen for “gothic stuff”. These are small pieces of this larger puzzle of Korean weirdness. An episodic feeling dominates the first half of this two-hour film, while the second half feels somewhat more congealed. Conversations often have a Lynchian vibe. Among other strange happenings, this flick offers a weaponized backhoe, a talking skeleton, a suicide pact, a cake machine, beach camping, off-camera beheadings, a humdinger of an ending & a lot of empty noodle packets. This might make a very unusual chaser for THE CANNIBAL MAN, if you started watching THE CANNIBAL MAN at midnight. Not recommended for folks triggered by very pushy book salesmen. “All girls are demons.”

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