The Untouchables

The Untouchables ★½

any movie that pretends that gang violence as a result of prohibition or the war on drugs was anybody's fault except the government of the grand ol' united states of america gets an automatic fail from me.

also, David Mamet wrote this? we see Mamet's masculine sensibility here (oh boy do we ever), but really we get none of his interests in economics or what men around men do to each other in a non-homoerotic context. capone is nicely written, but the rest of the movie has no sparkle, and the plotting is pretty flabby here. oddly enough, what's really missing is the kind of character through conversation that playwrights usually know exactly how to do.

two moments of note: pushing the guy off the rooftop, because yes all the way to that; also, the baseball bat scene, while very obvious how it would play out, was still really entertaining.