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  • No Marriage Ties

    No Marriage Ties

    An alcoholic sports reporter misses the Tunney-Dempsey fight he was supposed to cover, and is fired from his job. Despite being a mess, a kind aspiring artist helps him out, and the two become lovers. They believe in ‘free love,’ not marriage, and their relationship is open. They live together but at one point she doesn’t see him for eight days; she doesn’t mind that he’s been sleeping around or want to know what he’s been up to, saying to…

  • Riptide


    Norma Shearer is a delight in this film, which was the last of her pre-Code appearances. She gives a very natural, charming performance in scenes that call for tenderness, temptation, flirtation, and playfulness, including those with the two leading men (Robert Montgomery and Herbert Marshall), her aunt-in-law (theater legend Mrs. Patrick Campbell), and her adorable daughter (Marilyn Spinner). She’s helped considerably by the script which has a lot of life to it, something evident from the beginning, when we see…

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  • Black Panthers

    Black Panthers

    Bless Agnès Varda for making this short documentary, and for the most part simply allowing members of the Black Panthers to state their views and explain the motivation behind the Black Power movement. The issues are the same as those faced today by the community, and it certainly resonates to hear them speak of stopping the police from killing black people, or of incarceration as being stilted against minorities. The film was made around the time of the Huey Newton…

  • Saboteur


    There are some very fine scenes in Saboteur, starting with ominous black smoke from a fire at an aircraft manufacturing plant billowing into the screen from the right, which leads to a man being incinerated five minutes into the film. This is another of Hitchcock’s ‘wrong man’ films, so the man’s buddy (Robert Cummings) is falsely accused of sabotage and flees. The things he goes through along the way are entertaining – jumping off a bridge, taking refuge with a…