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  • Parasite



    Wowza. Amazing movie. It was honestly so funny at first, but as the movie progressed I got more and more HORRIFIED. 

    I feel like I still can’t process it that well, but I’m still horrified. I love horror movies but I felt more fear from this movie than any horror movie I’ve seen lately.

  • Down



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The review from this one is coming late, but DAMN is the protagonist a big ol’ dummy. Several times she had the chance to save her ass and she FUCKS IT UP. 

    What do you do if the person you were trapped in an elevator with told you they did it on purpose? And right as they were using the key to turn it back on, would you threaten them a bunch that you were going to send them to jail BEFORE you’re out of the elevator? 

    That is just one of the instances in which she was a dummy.

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  • Christmas on Mars

    Christmas on Mars


    Legit was so bad that it made a dude break up with me. Damn.

  • Forever My Girl

    Forever My Girl

    So I guess I must have been feeling romantic or something?? Because there were many signs I wouldn’t like this movie. First of all, country music, which I hate. It’s about a country star and I still watched it for some reason!?

    The plot was really generic but honestly my biggest issue was that this is obviously a “movie for women”, but the main guy was like... NOT CUTE??? I kept wondering why the movie was trying to trick me into thinking he was a desirable hottie, especially since he was 2 millimeters away from having a full on unibrow.