BlacKkKlansman ★★★★½

BlacKkKlansman is a jaw-droppingly bold and intense film experience featuring "some fo' real shit" in a classic, stylish Spike Lee joint. Every moment and every stab at today's politics is not only heard loudly but also felt. It resonates in your core making you take a hard look at yourself and modern society, despite the setting of the film being in 1979. Spike Lee's genius and political message were brought to life through the powerful and nuanced performances from the ensemble cast led by John David Washington. On a technical level, the film is also an absolute masterpiece. Spike Lee's direction is phenomenal in taking a serious subject and infusing multiple tones throughout through his script and camerawork. From the opening shot of the film (the famous crane shot from Gone With The Wind) to the use of splitscreen and the final incredible conveyor-belt/floating dolly shot, the film has a strong Spike Lee visual aesthetic that I loved. The script was hilarious and you couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculous, blatantly racist things some of the characters said; yet, it's sobering to realize that such words were (and still are) actually used against Black people and other people of color. Prior to the screening, Spike Lee himself gave the audience the green light to laugh whenever you felt the need and whenever I wasn't laughing, my jaw was open from just shock. The last montage of images and clips of the horrifying events that occurred in Charlottesville (almost a year ago today) were so overwhelming and emotional, it brought tears to my eyes and those around me.

Yes, this is a politically charged picture with a strong message and some may feel attacked or offended by it. If you don't like strongly political films, then you might not want to watch this one, but I highly recommend you do. The relevancy of the events almost four decades ago to today is frightful and while it may feel heavy, it's what America needs right now.

"God bless White America."

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