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This review may contain spoilers.

I am inevitable.

And I... am... Iron Man.

There's a bunch of things I could sit here and complain about, but why the fuck would I do that? This and Infinity War wrap up the Infinity Saga perfectly while also introducing us to a whole bunch of great characters and stories, such as Wanda's grief that manifested itself into Wandavision and Thor joining the Guardians which is becoming either Thor 4 or GotG Vol. 3.
I don't think I gave Alan Silvestri the credit he deserves in my IW review, so here it is: he creates what is likely the greatest score in any comic book movie, and one of the best scores in any movie. It perfectly captures every emotion on screen in the best ways. The portals scene is amazing, but it wouldn't be nearly as good without him.
The last hour or so of this movie is absolutely incredible. Cap wielding Mjölnir, the fucking portals, 'I am Iron Man'... it really makes any and all MCU fans cheer at the screen and simultaneously bawl their eyes out. And yes, I am one of them. This film completes Tony and Steve's stories in the best ways, it's definitely worth the eleven year wait.
What about the rest of it? It's certainly more than a generic time travel flick. The stakes are high and there's way more to it than it's time travel aspect. These moments evolve the stories in meaningful and emotionally impactful ways, like Tony meeting his father, Thor meeting his mother, Steve seeing Peggy, and Natasha sacrificing herself.
Thor is fantastic here, from a noncomedic perspective that is. He's at a realistic place from where we left him and when it's not treated as a joke it's really sad to watch. He's grown and improved by the time the film ends.
Is it better than IW? If it is, it's not by much. Both movies are absolutely incredible endings to the franchise (or at least this part of it) that give each and every character their fitting ending.

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