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  • Pig



    “I don’t fuck my pig.”

    Embargo’s up, so I can now officially say that PIG is a top-tier Nicolas Cage movie. A great character study of a quiet, broken man who just wants to be left alone in the woods, but returns to the city on principle to investigate when his beloved truffle pig is stolen.

    Yes, it’s a riff on John Wick (or maybe Taken, or even Mandy) and yes, everyone’s “BAKEN” and “HAMDY” gags have been fun. But…

  • Soul



    SOUL is another triumph for @Pixar - a spiritual sequel to INSIDE OUT that looks at how we find meaning & purpose in life, & what might happen in the space between those things. Death is portrayed as a journey into an obliterating void, plus there’s a funny cat. 💕

    I’ll say this though - never has a Pixar film felt more focused on an adult audience. There are strong themes here about existential doubt, and the fear of having wasted your life; different concerns to the emotional management of INSIDE OUT. I wonder what kids will make if it.

    As for me? Yes, I cried.