Unhinged ★★

An above avenge Netflix style flick! Or soon be released on SKY cinmea in the UK, with the "SKY Orginals" label during the start.

Definitely something you would find on a streaming service, then a cinmea release and only reason being shown in UK cinmeas is there's nothing else new and of course Russell Crowe himself on the poster.

The film is expected what you think from the trailers or poster. A bit of silly entertainment for 90 mins, that's some enjoyable moments and an crazy performance from Russell Crowe, honestly the only good about the film.

But the film never decides whether it wants to be a 80's trash film or a serious ground thriller....it just tries to stay in the middle. This causes a confusing tone and becomes frustrating viewing, being you want the film to just Unhing itself, release the beast.....but sadly just runs out of steam towards the second act and with all the obvious forshadow dialogue done. You know its gonna end very quickly.

Its not bad film, an avenge film to get back into the cinmea for meantime.

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