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  • City of God

    City of God


    Recommended by: @movie_lists69

    City of god was pretty amazing. The story was complex and interesting and had a whole bunch of twists and turns. I loved the editing and camera work. It all felt very real and in your face which I thought made the story much more engaging. It was also very entertaining and I never felt tired or bored. Who would think that a god damn chicken would make me feel so tense lol.
    One thing that stuck…

  • Paint Drying

    Paint Drying

    Over the next month I'll be watching:

    Lawrence of Arabia
    First Reformed
    Wild strawberries
    City of god
    Eyes wide shut
    A woman under the influence
    Black widow

    I can't decide which to review so please type in the comments if you have any specific ones you're interested in hearing my opinion on. Thank you

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  • Stalker



    It's extremely difficult to talk about a film like this. It will never leave my mind. I will always be thinking about it.
    It's a film about many things, desire, faith, weakness, pain, etc. And will definitely take me at least 6 viewings to really understand all its concepts and messages. It almost feels like poetry. All the dialogue is deep and riveting. The atmosphere is either bleak or beautiful. And the story is complex and strange. I loved it.…

  • Dunkirk


    This is how my grandparents described how they got to school.