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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

To me, it seems to be excellent, very entertaining, funny with some very witty dialogues and unbeatable chemistry between Carey and Bo.

The aesthetic part (from the colors used, Cassie's hairstyles, outfits, set decoration, camera positions, cuts) seems to me to play like another character and elevate the film even more.
And what to say about the score and the soundtrack. Speechless.

The cameos are also great, especially the character of Alfred Molina.

Honestly, I had a long time without the main character captivating me so much with such a performance, the last one I quickly remember is Frances McDormand on Three Billboards.
That said, the ending seems devastating but not bad.

My only problem with the movie is very small and has to do with the character of Joe, I think some other actor would have done better.
Everything else, excellent.

I finally got to see it in a movie theater and what an improvement compared to watching it online.

The 5 stars are also deserved because the scene in the pharmacy, became personal. I used to go out with someone and if we recognized a song on the street, we didn't hesitate to sing it.

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