Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian ★★★★★

Appealing to the creativity and imagination of a child is probably one of the most admirable and difficult tasks of our beloved craft.

A child’s mind is constantly overexposed, looking for something new, getting bored and passing on to the next toy, the next exciting idea, the next story. It takes so much to get them to focus, to focus on the story you’re telling them, and introduce them into your world. To insert the scenes you’ve created into their minds for years and years to come, allowing for that child to remember minimal details, and visual elements, and remembering the jokes that made them laugh, and making them feel like children again, after about 10 years. 

This movie offers what a child continuously craves: infinite possibilities. That’s why it’s perfect.

In two weeks or so I’ll be 18, this whole year has felt like the year of reckoning, like an unknown force is preparing me for adulthood. If there’s something I’ve learnt lately is to stay in touch with my childhood, to appreciate how innocent and pure we all used to be, for no one is as creative, happy, expansive and genuine as a child. We didn’t have Letterboxd, we didn’t have classmates, a film course, there was no need to confront likes and dislikes with our peers, we just liked stuff, we purely enjoyed the content we watched, no filters. And that content has stayed dear to me, and it will forever be. I wanna make movies with my past, childish self as my main consultant.

Not only does this movie offer the child an over the top amount of creative stimulation, it feels like it was made by children, for children. 

One of my favs for sure. I love my life, so far it’s been filled with love, tranquility, happiness and creativity, and I want this new chapter to be exactly like that. In order to achieve that, I think I have to take some of the past with me on this ride. Fortunately, I have the DVD of this movie, so I’ll make sure to pack it ;) ❤️