Tenet ★★★★

I can definitely say that each time I watch it again, I am able to comprehend the timelines better. And watching the movie for the first time at the cinema, I was actually able to understand the plot and some intentions.

Since my last reviews have been really simple, I want to write a more detailed one because I was able to experience this in the cinema and I was able to understand it in a coherent way. And holy shit, if you have the chance to check this in the cinema, please do! It is so worth it! Ludwig's score is groundbreaking and just incredible. And I can definitely hear the dialogue in the theater compared to watch it on a computer or a tv. Why? My theory is because, for the cinema, there are different outputs where sounds can go out. So usually the sound effects and the score comes from the side and the back when you are sitting in the cinema, and the dialogue comes from the front (the screen). And you can hear more from it because it is centered and focused on the outputs on the front (this type of audio setting in the theater is 7.1, I think). So when that audio is compressed for a headset in your computer, the music will come from two sides into your left ear and into your right. Meaning all the outputs will be mixed together, so you will hear the soundtrack, the sound effects, and the dialogue mixed together. Making it almost impossible to understand the plot with the music. So it was actually necessary for the cinema watch to able to experience this at a great level.

After a lot of thought, I think that the part that steals the show for me was Neil. He is a very interesting character since he has lived through a lot. You actually can imagine what he has lived and experienced in the future with the protagonist. And in some way, I can imagine certain cool events that one can interpret from the movie. Neil definitely hides a lot of things, and since, in the movie, ignorance is power, you can guess how much he knows that he probably can't tell. And he has probably been inverted too much. That ending, each time I rewatch it, it makes me more and more emotional. It's just beautiful.

John David Washington is great, he actually plays his character really well. Nothing much to add, but just like Neil. I imagine the future of Neil and The Protagonist in a cool way. Elizabeth Debicki is really good in my opinion. But Kenneth Branagh, he is really just meh, to be honest.

But overall, this whole concept is really just incredible. I wish I could think of an amazing concept like it. In conclusion, a good movie.

Sorry for the lame audio theory.

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