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  • Resident Evil: Retribution

    Resident Evil: Retribution


    “It’s like a camera: point and shoot”

    Wow. If the simulation within the simulation narrative, the desconstruction of the franchise painted right from the opening credits in reverse and a brief Netflixy explicit fourth-wall breaking summary of what has happened in the previous FOUR installments does not stun you to rethink that you may be in front of an unlikely piece of new art, maybe punchlines like the above will do.

    Paul W. S. Anderson’s desire to stimulate our senses…

  • The Swindlers

    The Swindlers


    Rewatch, I had the idea that this was the most underrated/overlooked Fellini, and a 2nd viewing reinforced that.

    The sequence of the guy trying to rob a cigarette case in a party for gangsters and thieves is as priceless as the final atonement is heartbreaking. Fellini had this amazing comprehension of human behaviour in all it’s spectrum, in all its desire for escape by a miracle only they, the desperate for a solution can see it will work, whether by…

  • A Quiet Place Part II

    A Quiet Place Part II

    The power of the radio (and cinema).

  • Johnny Guitar

    Johnny Guitar

    I'm still hungover for the brilliance of that first act.
    Best western ever prob, etc.

  • Marty


    This hit me right in my 35-afraid-I'll-die-alone-italian-descendant self. Right film at the right time right here, damn.

    For trivia buffs: one of the 2 films to win both Palm D'Or and Oscar, along with Parasite (2019). Also the first ever Palm D'Or winner, coming close to the club of the selected few which won Picture-Director-Actor-Actress-Screenplay - it only missed Actress, because Betsy Blair got pushed into supporting that year, and well, despite a tender dialogue with her parents without the presence of Borgnine and a surprisingly well dimensioned background for someone who doesn't speak that much during the film, she really plays 2nd field here.

  • The Red Balloon

    The Red Balloon


    Can't believe I a) managed to find a 32 minute film of a balloon following a kid with very little dialogue very engaging; b) shed a tear over a balloon.

  • French Exit

    French Exit


    Humanity does not deserve Michelle Pfeiffer.

  • The Father

    The Father



    Well, that’s a way to put things into perspective. Yup.

  • Giants and Toys

    Giants and Toys


    An unlikely excellent double bill with John Ford's The Last Hurrah

  • The Magician

    The Magician


    A Bergman film for people who mock Bergman films.

  • Home Before Dark

    Home Before Dark

    Sanity check (def.)

  • Bird on a Wire

    Bird on a Wire

    There's just something JUICY and badass from Badham pictures from this period, even when he is officially/unofficially remaking stuff, he injects lots of chems into the procedings to turn the ordinary into extraordinary (much like, yes, Hong Kong's films from the period).

    Or maybe it's my childhood/pre-adolescent memories in play.