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  • Mary Queen of Scots

    Mary Queen of Scots


    Saved by the queerness of it all.

  • Valley of the Dolls

    Valley of the Dolls


    Apart from a surreal parody of a French art film, it takes itself way too seriously to be taken as satire, and yet, it’s not exactly quite the camp spectacle I was promised. I did watch Beyond the Valley of the Dolls first, which didn’t help.

  • Together Together

    Together Together



  • The Wages of Fear

    The Wages of Fear

    From The Wild Bunch to Speed, it’s definitely one of the most influential films of all time.

    Still, within so much world building, and with Act I taking almost one hour, I wished it cared more about the single female character - Cluzot’s wife Vera would fare much better later on with Les Diaboliques.

  • Welcome to the USA

    Welcome to the USA


    This captures so well the global mid 30s anxiety of “what the fuck am I doing with my life in this country” I’m a bit disappointed it doesn’t try to reach for a conclusion. But hey, maybe that’s the point?

  • Things Heard & Seen

    Things Heard & Seen


    Because spirits.

  • Stowaway



    I found this very touching if clearly anti-audience.

  • Bus Stop

    Bus Stop


    Rewatch. I can now, with 2021 eyes, see how this is problematic. I’d accept it more as a brilliant satire if the ending was any different.
    This might just be Monroe’s finest hour tho and Don Murray does exactly what he’s told to (be annoying af). Of course we all know who got Oscar nominated in the end.

  • Happy as Lazzaro

    Happy as Lazzaro

    Wolf spirit
    Now that I mention it, should make an interesting double bill with Wolfwalkers.

  • Monos



    Visually striking for all of its duration, but I'm definitely a bigger fan of the first half (setup) than the second (execution).

  • Flight



    This was being surprisingly great, incredible dialogues, insightful notes, crossing grey areas of "maybe being high was what it saved those people!" right up until the hearing.

    Then it turned into the same ol' moralizing tale of condemning victims of addiction.

  • The Endless Trench

    The Endless Trench


    Perfect film for quarantine (NOT).

    I particularly love that last shot (what a lingering final image! I think it's up there with Saint Maud for my favorite last frames of the year), which made me think I was too hard on the film overall - but I do think it could have beenn tighter and shorter, and still inflict the feeling of confinement (heh) and loneliness of the lead.