Cruella ★½

This was… bad. And not in a fun way.

The political correctness of the new/young Cruella is the least of the problems, it’s way too overdirected, the CGI shots are way too noticeable (specially with the Dalmatians - what the hell was that?), it even uses one of my least favorite things in film: the slow motion. I also felt like they just turned her into a DC character with an alter ego and everything instead of a Disney one. Calling the major plot twist soap operish is an offense to telenovela: sure, it just needed a way to tie things and it sure it’s an easy way to try to bring some gravitas into the climax. Way too easy.

Then again, I had already disliked I, Tonya’s tone so I was bound to dislike what is basically a copy of that under the Disney/superhero brand.

Both Emmas are indeed good with the little they have to work with: basic variations of the Devil Wears Prada characters.

I won’t be mad to see it win Costumes and be nominated for a bunch of techs tho.

It’s simply an unnecessary take, but I hope everyone got their paycheck accordingly.

P.S. and yes, its asexuality is not empowering at all lmao Plz stop this madness

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