Song to Song ★★★★★

"I played with the flame of life."

My most anticipated film of the year has finally arrived to my eyes.

What a wonderful magical experience that truly was, somehow Malick manages to make me cry out of sheer beauty.

The immersive creative magic Malick makes for his films is truly magnificent, i feel this is by far his greatest achievement, combining the fantastic acting skills with a story that was rich in depth and ambiguous questions he creates such a magical wonder for the viewers eyes.

I feel the bad reviews of this film as well as his last 2 films, as based on the level of genius he creates. Its a unconventional ride of cinema that many viewers are not used to, especially if they haven't seen terrence's style before, he creates philisophical levels during his films in which requires a level of interpretation from the viewer, certainly in his last 3, this i feel alienates audiences therefore the bad ratings.

I feel Malick always flaws me in terms of the style and ambition. This style of film and beauty is similar to the ideas of films i have and would one day want to make myself.

The level of beauty Malick creates for his films is unbelievable and like no other, i feel the influence of emmanuel lubezki has heightened his excellence to new levels and therefore created new imagery and visuals and ultimately a new style that fans are amazed by.

The acting in this film was also fantastic and i feel that also excelled this film to certain levels, as we know Malick doesn't tend to do scripts, which usually tests the actors in how great they are at improvisation and connecting to the film or acting partner. i felt Ryan and Rooney aced this project and had a fantastic chemistry, Michael and nat where also great but Rooney and Ryan were terrific for me and showed fantastic creativity in their acting skills.

I'am flawed and in love.
Im currently watching again to fill my brain up with beauty.

Thank you terrence.

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