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  • Cherry, Harry & Raquel!

    Cherry, Harry & Raquel!


    Russ Meyer carnal leisure and his auto absurdist glee and brimmed with his usual bedazzling knacks.

  • The Amusement Park

    The Amusement Park


    bruised dispersion of pale greetings refracting warm amble--the sterile and the fertile, dawn shading dusk. a carousel powered w/ chronomeasured dust, unaccustomed time's usage is perhaps the only geriatric, unsullied but sulked by the numb spare and teetering of forced spectating by your own blinds of shaven cognizance.

    a newly engendered adaptation of a Baudrillard horror sheeted for 48yrs, an algorithm of noxious neo-gothic exo-fuguehouse deaf choice and the kindling of indefinite/inaudible bulbs of advancing Voynich embryo overlapping via the…

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