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  • Weedjies: Halloweed Night

    Weedjies: Halloweed Night


    Move over EVIL BONG 1-8, there is a new king of Full Moon Weedsploitation.  

    The exact experience I’m hoping for whenever I turn on a Full Moon movie. Shame it can rarely be replicated these days.

  • Climate of the Hunter

    Climate of the Hunter


    A compelling chamber film with elements of THE BROOD, BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW and HOUR OF THE WOLF.

    The cinematography is fantastic and helps me feel validated in my championing of HELLRAISER: JUDGEMENT.

    Reece has a very distinct vision and voice and I’m excited to dig into his other stuff.

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  • Happily



    Disclosure: My brother wrote and directed this. And I’m in it as an extra in a handful of shots.

    Was supposed to premiere at Tribeca a few weeks ago but COVID-19 happened.

    I’ve seen the movie 12 times and it’s fucking great. The best thing my brother has been associated with and he’s been associated with a lot of cool things.

    Can’t wait for people to see this.

  • Sincerely Louis C.K.

    Sincerely Louis C.K.


    I used to scream with laughter watching Louis C.K. standup specials but the humor doesn’t do it for me anymore. Doesn’t feel remotely clever like it used to. I can’t quite tell if it’s because of the controversy/scandal or if I’ve grown out of it or if it’s because I’m dead inside. Probably a combination of the three.