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  • The Searchers

    The Searchers


    It’s this country killed my boy

    it’s most likely just because i watched them both so recently, but while watching this i couldn’t help but think about how Ford’s treatment of landscape works in relation to Hitchcock’s own in The Birds, a film in which landscapes function as backdrops for artificial terror—empty signifiers in comparison to Ford’s mode of excoriation through topography. Hitchcock paints the surroundings of Bodega Bay as listless and deliberately unremarkable in spite of how well they’re…

  • Memento Stella

    Memento Stella


    witnessing the cyclical creation and destruction of the universe through the eyes of god, looking in the mirror and seeing nothing in return; oh universe, i know your face / looks just like mine

    it makes a great deal of sense in retrospect, but it wasn’t until somewhat recently that i came to understand just how fundamentally sad Makino’s project as an artist really is. in each of these films he searches for the impossible, making tangible the liminal space…

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  • Sandow




  • Brokeback Mountain

    Brokeback Mountain


    yet another film for which the end result is just too much (once again), & the beauty of the landscapes alone surpasses the “banality”—of, mind you, stunning landscape compositions—inherent to the rather pastoral first act herein, & all emotion is as such deeply embedded into that which follows. terrifying and embarrassing and gorgeous, all in equal measure. catharsis is merely that which follows the inevitable here, tragic and flowing for years beyond years; the blood never dries, nor does the narrative herein. beautiful by all means that the word implies. it’s been a while since a film has made be cry as hard as this.

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  • Pulse



    Kurosawa’s Pulse operates on so many levels it’s tough to keep track of. That being said, it is essential to note that this is not a film about the sociological dangers of the internet, or what have you. Rather, it is a film about the degradation of human systems—especially those regarding not only communication but representation—and the means through which loneliness and alienation may proliferate as a virus in the wake of such breakdown. The fact that the internet is…

  • Offering



    i hope this is what dying feels like