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  • Alley Cat

    Alley Cat


    Well, that was just really not good.

    Full disclosure, it was my intention to watch Radley Metzger's The Alley Cats but a lack of meta-data on the Internet Archive and my being stoned led to me watching 20 minutes of this before figuring out I had the wrong movie. Alas, by then, I was committed.

    Karin Mari topless was a not-bad thing, and there was a fair bit of sleaze throughout but I struggle to find much worthwhile here.


  • Savage Streets

    Savage Streets


    This was rad, aside from the first club scene that dragged a bit.

    I couldn’t get some details straight -- is her mom the purple-shirted middle-aged-looking lady at a dance club otherwise populated by teenagers? was Fanny pregnant or lying? -- but, who the fuck cares? It’s fully committed to being exactly what it is (I'm jealous) and it shows in the sets, costumes & hair & makeup, stereotypes, everything. The crossbow was a great choice, too.

    And now, I manufacture a…

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  • I Care a Lot

    I Care a Lot


    nothing special but engaging and entertaining. pike & dinklage are both good, of course.

  • Shiva Baby

    Shiva Baby


    what a terrible cover.

    I blame Ricky Gervais and millennials (talk-in 'bout my geeenn-eration) for all this cringe-y drama-dey content out there. Like, no, not every situation that doesn't go as planned or isn't comfortable needs an "O-M-GEEE sooo awkward" attached to it because now we get whole movies of that.

    well, not quite. and that's more a rant about how insecurities manifest in people's behavior than the film, specifically.

    plenty of awkward here, and nonsense, and I see some…