• Miranda Veil

    Miranda Veil

    What a unique film. It is never predictable: a rabbit, a fox, a cat, a deer play important roles in Miranda's unveiling. There is violence, and immediately after, tons of humor. Is it a horror film? A comedy? A straight-up drama? Or a surrealist film? It defies qualification, and all of the genres meld together seamlessly. And the ending is just lovely.

    Along the way, we are rooting for both Miranda and her would-be serial killer, Soren. The fact that…

  • 56 Up

    56 Up

    I have seen all of the Up movies so far. It is an interesting format. Each new movie is easy to fall into, not only because of the reminders within the movie of previous scenes, but also because these people become familiar. We do NOT know them! Each person remains a mystery. That is how it should be. Bless these people for their continued participation.

    This time the quote that struck me most was from Peter, who has been missing…

  • Sorry We Missed You

    Sorry We Missed You


    Oh my goodness. What a heartbreaking movie. Every character is perfect and believable. I watched with a growing sense of dread, certain bad things would happen but not wanting the movie to go there. It does. These aren't big catastrophes, but many, many wounds. In my mind I came up with a continuation of the ending, in which our entire world turns around for the better. One can only hope.

  • Never Rarely Sometimes Always

    Never Rarely Sometimes Always

    Amazing movie, full of realism and heartbreak. Very quietly unfolds with hard choices and few options. Reminds me of my teenage years. Great acting.

  • The Lives of Others

    The Lives of Others


    One of the best movies. The ending is so beautiful and so heartfelt.