Little Girl

Little Girl ★★★★

Might be the most cinematic documentary I’ve seen since 2017’s Dina. Lifshitz frames his subjects so well, capturing each moment with such beauty and sensitivity. I forgot I was watching a documentary for long stretches of this, but that doesn’t mean any of it felt any less true. The film uses a single story as a very effective advocation for letting children express their gender. Sasha is such a sweet kid, but she’s clearly very anxious about the restrictions placed on her at school. To her, her identity is so clear, but it’s the unfair decisions made by those around her that make life difficult. It was great to hear hormone blockers discussed at length and to get a better understanding of what medical transition looks like at this age. Of course, the film’s largest focus is on the social aspect, and it was wonderful to see Sasha grow more confident the more her peers saw her for who she always has been.

The focus on the parents makes sense, as shoving a camera in a child’s face isn’t all that appropriate. Sasha gets to speak for herself, but the film more so focuses on how parents can best suit the needs of their children. I think considering that this film will be seen by adults and other parents, that point of view makes sense. Still, as cinematic as the film is, there were times when it felt a bit slow. There’s not much momentum propelling this forward, but that’s to be expectedly in something that captures a family’s life so closely. I know 
there’s hesitation amongst many cis people regarding transitioning during childhood, and I hope this film can make a difference in getting people to a point of greater understanding.