• The Visit

    The Visit


    I could be having a good day and all of a sudden BAM my mind thinks of that diaper scene and I am traumatised.

  • Jungle Cruise

    Jungle Cruise


    You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face from the beginning where the Rock is the skipper during a jungle cruise all the way to the end! Took me back to being at Disneyland and what an unmatched feeling that is (there’s nothing I love more). Reminded me of all the old Adventure movies I adored as a kid. And for the cherry on top we have Emily Blunt!! What more could I want? Give us more of Skippy and Pants!!!

  • The Game Plan

    The Game Plan


    Don’t deny it, we all know that this is the Rocks best movie! It’s true!

  • Old



    Every time I see M.Night in his own movies I just can’t help but wonder what it would be like if he made a movie and starred as every character. If you ask me, I think he could pull it off! Also movie was good! Would recommend!

  • Space Jam: A New Legacy

    Space Jam: A New Legacy


    I feel guilty complaining that they didn’t even take the opportunity to play ‘Fly Like an Eagle’ and ‘Space Jam’ considering they gave us Big Chungus 😩 we should be thankful

    Also, I’m probably the only one who will say this but how dare they have a SZA feature on the soundtrack and have it in the movie only to have it not play SZA’s verse… criminal if you ask me.

  • Black Widow

    Black Widow


    I’m so torn!! On one hand Kevin Feige is so sick and twisted for finally giving us the Black Widow movie after Nat has died… we have been waiting sooo long! But…. on the other hand he has made Florence Pugh the MCU now (might not be deliberate but it’s true she’s the MCU now!) The future is pew pew!!! We have both won and lost. This couldn’t be anymore bittersweet.

    Also Nat deserved a special montage at the end 😭 a montage is always good 😭

    And that end credit scene LETS GOOOOOOOO!

  • The Mirror Has Two Faces

    The Mirror Has Two Faces


    Babs finding her va va voom by the end was truly satisfying!! Good for her!!

  • Luca



    Catch me on a Vespa pretending I’m in The Lizzie McGuire Movie and now also Luca ! Get me to Italy so I can live my best life!!

  • The Boss Baby: Family Business

    The Boss Baby: Family Business


    Just you wait until Dom from the Fast and Furious finds out that The Boss Baby is all about family… It will be over for the Boss Baby h8rs!!

  • Flipped



    Going from wanting Juli to smash the eggs on his face to crying over them and the sycamore tree is growth!

  • Urban Legends: Final Cut

    Urban Legends: Final Cut


    Reese Wilson walked so Denise Hemphill can run!

  • Till Death

    Till Death