Friends: The Reunion

Friends: The Reunion ★★★★

I feel like every person that has watched Friends has their own Friends story.

For me, I started watching it around the end of its fourth season as a twelve year old who felt he was ready for Primetime TV. By the time the show was ending in 2004, I was graduating high school (boy, does this age me...) and the great amount of change these characters were experiencing emotionally mirrored the great amount of change taking place in my life as I headed off to college.

For so long that ending music has haunted me in the best of ways and the cold open of sorts in this special showing that ending all over again and the pan to David Schwimmer (with the rest of the cast to follow) walking in and experiencing the set for the first time in seventeen years was about the best way they could do this for them and for us, the ones still watching the show over and over and over to this day.

I could complain here and there (there was no need for James Corden at all) and even nitpick a little (BTS, really... and where the hell was Paul Rudd??), but this was such a nostalgia trip that gave me the kind of warmth the show always did and still does.

My heart is full ☕

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