Just Getting Started

Just Getting Started ★★

Unfortunately, this film wasn't good at all. The supporting actors weren't given anything interesting or logical to do. I like Joe Pantoliano, but his character was like the ultimate wing man with no thoughts or desires of his own. Glenne Headly (RIP) was great, but I didn't believe for a second the situation she was in with the Martin Freeman's character's "other" girlfriends. 

So bad. I wonder how I sat through it. I wonder how this script was greenlighted, much less attracted the attention of decent, older actors. Surely there's a writer that will help Freeman, Jones, and Russo out. 

This is the 87th film I saw with Movie Pass. 

Vegan alert: 
-Morgan Freeman's character tries to shoot a snake. 
-A coyote is shot when it tries to grab a dog.

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